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    Washing Instructions

    Black Bananas offers a wide variety of fabrics and colors in our clothing. Therefore, we would like to give you our recommendations on washing your clothes so the pieces remain at their best quality.

    Followed up by an explanation of the washing symbols used for our clothing. You can find a specific washing instruction based on symbols inside each piece of Black Bananas clothing. 

    Wash symbols Black Bananas:
    Washing symbols
    Tip 1: Choose the program
    Check the washing label of your clothes before washing it in your machine. Select the right temperature and program. Sort your laundry based on the different fabrics and wash instructions.

    Tip 2: Wash inside out
    Wash and iron your clothes inside out to keep the color vibrant.
    T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies with a printed logo or artwork should be washed inside out.

    Tip 3: Use of detergent
    Use the right amount of detergent for a clean laundry. Follow the dosing advice on the packaging. This advice is based on the amount of laundry, how dirty the laundry is and the hardness of the water. Too much detergent can damage the fibers of the clothing, as a result it wears out faster.
    Too much detergent also causes a soapy laundry, your machine is not able to rinse away all this detergent and will make stains on your clothing. Or, it can even cause mold due to the residue it leaves in your washing machine. 

    Tip 4: Similar colors
    Wash your clothes with similar colors. You might be used to washing new clothes with bright colors seperately the first time you wash them. However, a washing machine works better and more economically on a full machine. If you like to rinse your new clothes first to make sure that the colors don't leak, rinse them briefly in a lukewarm bath.
    Clothing from Black Bananas has undergone a washing test and has therefore already been washed once to test the colors.